Spring Sneak Peeks

spring time sneak peeks

The last few months have been among the busiest I’ve ever known. I had a wonderful few weeks travelling around Indonesia last October with Mr Snowdon and came down to earth with a bump when the Christmas rush seemed to start before I’d even had chance to unpack and do my laundry. The madness continued over the Christmas holidays as I frantically populated my new website and prepared for Craft 2014 in London. Since I got back from Craft in mid January I’ve been working flat out to fulfill orders and chase up the contacts I made there.

Sometime during all the hard work and the ups and downs of the past weeks I managed to have some new ideas for Spring things. I’ve always got one eye open for inspiration while I’m out and about and one thing I’m beginning to realise is that the ideas that I can personally relate to and feel most excited about are the ones that seem to be the most successful. I read a great book last summer; ‘I Just Like to Make Things‘ by Lilla Rogers, it’s not really about ‘making things’ as such, but one of the best pieces of advice Lilla gives is to do what you love and take note of the ideas that ‘make your heart beat faster’.

Well, one of the things I love the most is fresh air and the great outdoors. If I have to spend longer than a few hours cooped up inside I begin to feel (and act!) like a caged animal. The pressures of the last few months have meant that I’ve had to spend more time than I’d have liked to indoors, but as is usually the case, the hard work and long hours have thankfully paid off.

Anyway, back to the fresh air issue… I always need to have the bedroom window open during the night, even when the temperature drops well below zero, earning me the name of ‘fresh air fiend’ in our house. It’s no bad thing though as it provided the inspiration behind one of my new designs, along with ‘Happy Campers’. I have admit though, that I’m not big on camping under canvas, not in the UK at any rate, but as I’ve done previous designs involving camper vans, (my preferred mode of camping, thank you) I decided to give the tents a turn this time.

I’d love to know what you think of the new ideas, they’ll be appearing on tote bags in my shop in the next month or so, keep a look out for them if you like them.

Bye for now and thanks for reading! Alex. x

4 Comments on “Spring Sneak Peeks

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Tiff, and yes, cabin fever is not good, glad I’m not the only one!

  1. I love that feeling you get when you’re working on something that makes you heart beat faster – for me it can become completely consuming which is good and bad – but definitely more good!

    Your happy campers design is one for me. I’m a massive fan of the idea of camping – of course the reality of it is always a bit different, I’m definitely a fair weather camper! :)

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